Dear Ricky Rubio, muchas gracias.

Hey Ricky, it’s me, Sam.

I want to personally thank you for all the fun years in Minnesota.

I’ve always been your biggest fan. I’m 26 just like you. I always told my friends, you’re my doppelgänger. (If only I could grow a better beard).

The year I graduated high school (2009), the Timberwolves drafted you.

When you and the Wolves traveled to Sioux Falls for a exhibition game, I was there. I was a courtside photographer at the Sanford Pentagon.

Your passing is as smooth as silk. I love when you threw alley oops to Maple Jordan, aka Andrew Wiggins or KAT (Karl Anthony-Towns). Your handles are dope. You can make defenders miss by going behind the back, by passing through people’s legs, or by tossing no look passes. I usually didn’t know how you did it. The night you had 19 assists to set a new Wolves record will always be remembered.

People always complained you weren’t a scorer in Minnesota. You were more than that for the Wolves. You were the floor general. You were always upbeat. You always had a smile on your face when you were on or off the court. My favorite moment is when you told Alexey Shved to “Change this face, be happy. Enjoy.” Or when a reporter asked you why you are more interested in passing and you said, “Well years ago, when I was a kid, I heard one of the best sentences ever was Magic Johnson say, a basket makes one guy happy, an assist two guys happy.”

I love those answers, Ricky. You were the perfect teammate for Minnesota, Ricky. I was always so happy when I turned on the television to watch you play for the Wolves. When you were on the on the court at the Target Center, fans couldn’t take their eyes off you because you always threw ridiculous passes. You were always yourself and no one else.

I was sad when the Timberwolves traded you to the Utah Jazz. I wanted to see you play on a really good team with multiple superstars. You would have been fun to watch with KAT, Wiggins and Jimmy Butler. But I’ll always be your biggest fan. I can wait to see you play in Utah. Your game is jazzy. Don’t ever lose your passion for basketball, Ricky.

Thanks for the memories in Minnesota.

Muchas gracias. Tu eras un jugador en Minnesota. Buena suerte en Utah. Los Timberwolves te echaran de menos, Ricky. ❤







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