Wrapping up the NBA season: Warriors get redemption

The Golden State Warriors are the NBA champs, again. This time they didn’t lose a 3-1 lead that everyone loves to still joke about it.

The Warriors won the title because of Kevin Durant. He scored 39 points on 19 shots to take the MVP trophy. While Durant jumped onto a bandwagon team. But he drove that Golden State’s wagon to a title. Durant is the villain because he joined the Warriors after his Thunder team lost a 3-1 lead to them in last year’s Western Conference finals.

You can be mad, yes. But can you blame him? Durant wanted to win a championship. Was he going to in Oklahoma City? Maybe. The Warriors and Spurs were still going to be there. Could Durant win a championship with Russell Westbrook?

The Warriors wanted Durant and off he went. If you could work on a better team, wouldn’t you want the same?

On the other side, the Cleveland couldn’t come back from a 3-1 deficit this time. The Warriors’ four superstars were too much for LeBron James and the Cavs. The Cavs didn’t have the bench. James gave it all he had. He became the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double in the NBA Finals. He threw down an alley-oop to himself during Game 4.  (!!!) Now James is 3-5 in the NBA Finals. There’s no doubt the Cavs are going to look to add another star. Paul George is a free agent. Could he come? Now, Cleveland would most likely have to get rid of Kevin Love. The Cavs too need to make their bench deeper.

I’ll admit it was a pretty boring NBA season and postseason until the last three games of the NBA Finals. In Game 3, it looked like the Cavs were going to win but then Durant hits a dagger of a three late over LeBron and the Warriors went up 3-0. Game 4 was nuts. The Cavs went crazy and hit an NBA Finals record 24 three-pointers. (!!!) In that game, the officials never really were in charge. A fan got ejected. Steve Kerr got a technical that a lot of people thought was on Draymond Green. ZaZa Pachulia hit a Cavs player in the groin like Green did in last year’s playoffs. In Game 5, the game was close early but then Golden State went on a late 17-2 run in the second quarter to break open the game. Durant was bananas, scoring 39 points on 19 shots. And Tristan Thompson and David West nearly kissed after West got a technical for a hard foul on Irving. It was just like on the Office when Michael Scott and Oscar kissed. The closing game in the series was a great one. Durant was good, Curry was good, LeBron was good. It was everything you expected from stars. In the end, the Warriors got redemption and won their second title in three years.

What amazes me about this title, was the next day, it seemed like everyone moved on. It wasn’t that exciting to people. I think that was because the Warriors have four superstars and the NBA season and postseason weren’t very fun in 2016-2017. Here’s hoping next year is better.

The last nugget I got out of the NBA Finals was LeBron’s postgame press conference after Game 5. A reporter asked him a lengthy question:

“You have been a part of two super teams. The one here, the one you had in Miami. Looking at what the Golden State Warriors have done, are you still a fan of the concept? Do you think its a good thing for the NBA how they build? They brought in Kevin (Durant). Get what I am asking?”


“Um, no not really. I don’t believe I have played for a super team.”

Hmm, interesting. I understand how James could think that. He was probably thinking how Warriors had just won 73 games and brought in Durant to pair with three other superstars. In Miami, LeBron was thinking he had to build a team with Wade and Bosh. Miami was still a playoff team, though. He and Wade did recruit Bosh to join them. Recruit is the key word. Cleveland already had Kyrie Irving. But LeBron pushed the Cavs to trade their draft pick for Kevin Love. Those two teams seem like super teams to me, LeBron. But that’s just me.

Anyway, I’m gonna miss the NBA because there isn’t basketball on until October. Until then, as always, ball is life.


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