The NBA just hasn’t been exciting.

I’m a big basketball fan. March Madness is my thing. I love watching the first and second round all day on the first two days of the NCAA tournament.

I also love the NBA. But not so much this year. I’ve still watched, but not as intently. Other than two games in the playoffs when John Wall hit a game-winner against the Celtics and Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the postseason has been boring.

We knew who was going to be in the NBA Finals back in July when Kevin Durant made his decision to leave Oklahoma City and join Golden State. It was going to be the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Sure enough, it was.

The first two games were exciting in the first half of each game in Golden State. But the Warriors blew out the Cavs in the second half to take a 2-0 lead.

Durant’s been phenomenal. He’s made out to be a villain now since he left to join the team that knocked out his Thunder in 2016. But who can blame him? He wanted to win a championship and wanted to play on a team that spread the ball around the perimeter. Sure was Durant close to winning a championship in Oklahoma City? Yes, but who knows if he and Westbrook could do it together because they both like the ball in the hands. Did you watch the Western Conference finals in 2016? They both played hero ball down the stretch.

Are super teams good for basketball? I’d argue no. I’m not going to blame Durant for going to Golden State because LeBron James did it when he went to Miami with Wade and Bosh. James started the trend. Now players want to do it. They want to play with there friends. Back in the 80s, 90s, and even 2000s, players wanted to beat their friends. Bird wanted to beat Magic. Michael Jordan wanted to beat Barkley, Isaiah Thomas, Patrick Ewing, and Dominque Wilkens.

I can’t fault players for wanting to play with their friends. I love playing with my friends in a game of pick-up in the gym. But it was also sweet to beat them.

Super teams have declined the level of play in the NBA. There’s parity. We knew who was going to be in the finals back in July. Even in the finals, it’s tough for James, who is having one of his best statistical seasons, to beat the Warriors. Golden State has four All-Stars. I know the Cavs have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. But if you watched the end of the first quarter in Game 3, you noticed when James went out, the Warriors went on a 10-0 run to take a seven-point lead.

Super teams aren’t the only reason why the NBA hasn’t been as fun. The season is really long and players rest during the regular season more than ever.

Another thing. I listen to a lot of sports radio. I’m getting sick of who the GOAT (greatest of all-time) is. Is it Jordan? Is it LeBron? Has Durant passed LeBron now after three great NBA finals games? Just watch the games. Jordan was great. So is LeBron and Durant. Watch these guys while you can before there careers are over. Oh and are the Warriors the best team ever? I don’t know. Maybe if they sweep the Cavs and finish 16-0. But it’s hard to compare players and teams across eras. I’m choosing to sit back and enjoy LeBron, Durant, and Curry while I can.

So anyway. As an avid fan of the NBA, I’ll keep watching. But I hope more teams make it interesting next year. I know the Spurs will be better with a healthy Kawhi Leonard and the Celtics have the number one pick.

P.S. I’m going to do a lot more sports blogging. I want to get back into writing. My friends pushed a few weeks, to just write and see where it takes me.



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