Top Fantasy Football team names

The preseason is off and running and that means NFL football fans are getting ready for fantasy football.

To go along with your fantasy football team, you will need a name!

Here’s some choices for your teams:

1. Are you Goffing me? 

Jared Goff may not start right away but if you grab him in dynasty leagues, this team name is a great one for when the former Cal quarterback makes big plays for the Los Angeles Rams.

2. Wentz upon a time 

Another rookie quarterback that may not play but could be worth a shot in dynasty leagues. Just think, you can look back at that one time and say, “Wentz upon a time…I won a fantasy championship.”

3. #freeBrady

Brady will miss the first four games but he will be free in Week 5 and that week, the Patriots play the Browns. I bet Brady scores a lot that week.

4. Le’Veon a Prayer

If you draft Le’Veon Bell, you might need a prayer when he comes back in Week 3 that Bell can lead your team to the playoffs.

5. Forte Year Old Virgin

Matt Forte has a new team and he’s 30 and that feels like 40 in running back terms in the NFL.

6. Armed and Dangeruss 

Have you seen Russell Wilson’s new poster?

Armed and Dangeruss

7. Stairway to Evans? 

Because who doesn’t love jamming out to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin? If you draft Evans, you could be singing all the way up and down the stairs this season with Evans.

8. Carr drives a Mini Cooper

Carr drives the Oakland Raiders and its in a Mini Cooper.

9. Maclin on your girl 

No one likes it when someone is talking to your girl. But if it’s Maclin scoring points for you, I bet you will allow it.

10. Ladies and Edelman

He’s dating supermodel Adrianna Lima, and he’s a stud on the football field. I guess that makes him a gentleman.




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